Your Builder is Your Partner
Whether building in a development or on your own lot in the country you will plan and list your wants and needs, prepare a budget, and decide on a home style. It is a big job and often it’s helpful to have an industry professional to work with you. Curtis Graf provides early stage consultation and is particularly helpful when you are building on a lot that needs to be prepared as a building site.
Great! As a custom builder, we know each lot has unique characteristics. We build your home on your land – the way you want it. We will work with you to make sure your home fits perfectly with your land.
That’s no problem. We have valuable relationships with the real estate community who will be happy to help you find the perfect lot for your home.

Graf’s Five Steps for Build on Your Lot:

Step 1: Lot Inspection
Curtis Graf will meet with you to physically inspect the lot, review lines, grades, utilities, code requirements, and any other information necessary to generate an accurate cost estimate.
Step 2: cost estimate
The Graf team will deliver a cost estimate to you before you purchase a lot. Your cost estimate will reflect the estimated price of all land related charges as well as the cost of the home with any additional features. Land related costs vary depending on site conditions, local building codes, and available utilities.
Step 3: contractual agreement
When both parties agree to move forward, the estimate of costs becomes part of your agreement. As you progress through the construction process, Graf provides you with a refined and final estimate of costs at each stage.
Step 4: Plan and Pre-Build Meeting
Before Graf breaks ground, you can review your custom blueprints. Graf reviews all of your paperwork and selections and gives you an opportunity to make changes prior to the start of construction.
step 5: Proceed with construction
Curtis Graf uses only the best materials to build your home. The Built Smart™ Construction System assure that you get the best house per square foot while staying within the budget you set! Graf builds in the Greater Butler County, PA area and the North Pittsburgh and Cranberry region. School districts include Seneca Valley, Butler and Knoch.

Link to information on lots available in the Butler County and Cranberry Township regions. Link to lots for sale or call Curtis Graf 724-841-5226

Choose the Right Builder:
Curtis Graf

Selecting the right builder is considered to be the most important step of the entire home building process. You want someone who will be responsible for making sure your lot is well prepared, the home is built exactly the way you want it, at the price you expect and have it ready when you want to move in. Your builder must oversee the construction and guarantee that every aspect is done to the highest standard. The home builder coordinates all the suppliers, subcontractors and directs his crew. As your builder Curtis Graf will be responsible for bringing everything together. Be sure sure you have success in your home building project. With Curtis Graf you’ll have a true partner and advantages of his Built Smart Construction System. Curtis and his team have a helpful and attentive attitude and have your best interest and satisfaction at heart.