Built Smart™ Construction

From foundation to chimney Curtis Graf utilizes the best building methods and state of the art building materials to assure long term structural integrity and lowest cost of operation for the homeowner.


Every home must sit on a good foundation. Graf starts by using Certainteed brand Form-a-Drain system to form their footers and provide and integrated french drain and passive radon evacuation. To make a comparison: footers are to a foundation wall as a ski is to a skier. When built properly and to adequate width, a footer will spread the weight of the house across a larger surface area than the foundation wall alone will, reducing any chance for foundation settlement or sinking. Graf builds foundation walls using Integraspec brand insulated concrete forms otherwise known as ICF. ICF walls have more lateral strength than similar thickness standard formed concrete and block walls and provide an outstanding moisture control and temperature environment in comparison. This system utilizes a 4500psi mix concrete and a high amount of reinforcing steel embedded in the concrete to provide the strength and reliability. This system is cost competitive with regard to Return on investment(ROI) and of the highest quality for the following reasons: 1) Graf’s own employees are responsible for the construction of the foundation system, so cutting corners that lead to failure and cracking later are controlled. 2) Graf’s ICF foundations are insulated to an R-22.5 with EPS foam. This is more than double the R value and three times the measurable performance of the competitors code minimum “tarped fiberglass” that is applied to the interior of their walls. The ICF system is insulated from both sides with 2.5″ of EPS foam, utilizing the thermal mass of the concrete to aid in temperature control. 3) Graf owns their own concrete pumping equipment and is able to cut out the need to subcontract.

Floor Framing

Weyerhaeuser I joist engineered floor system. First Floor system received a fire resistant coating to increase safety and durability in the case of fire. The floor is sheathed with Edge Gold sub-flooring which is glued and nailed with ring shank nails. The combination of these components provides the ultimate in a quiet and strong floor with minimal “bounce” which is commonly seen in other homes.

Wall Framing

Graf recommends the use of 2×6 exterior wall framing. Did you ever close a door and feel the wall vibrate and your pictures shake? Can you hear everything that goes on immediately outside your home, through the exterior walls? Are your heating bills high? The rigidity of a 2×6 versus the smaller 2×4, makes for a better service wall in the long term. Reducing drywall nail and screw pops, providing a deeper cavity allowing for additional insulation, and reducing outside noise are several of the many benefits of using a 2×6 wall. Curtis Graf has the opinion that although granite counter tops and fancy trim are great selling points, the guts of a home is what will ultimately reduce your cost of ownership and provide you the best living experience. This mentality is what guides Graf’s team.

Roof Framing

Custom Stick framed. Substantial overhangs, to provide more architectural curb appeal and weather protection.


Windows are the keystone of a home’s exterior finish system. All too often, home buyers are not aware of the windows that they are getting in their new home. Hollow vinyl framed windows or inferior clad wood windows can cause a home owner major grief after move-in. This is an item in your home, that you do not want to skimp on. Depending on the home style and related budget, Graf utilizes Andersen 100, 200, 400, A, and E series windows. Don’t want a basic white window? Want special grille patterns? Want optional interior and exterior finishes? That is no problem with Andersen, and Graf will suggest the right product for your use. Through close relationship with Andersen and their local wholesaler, Graf can provide quality Andersen products at competitive pricing.


GAF Timberline HD Lifetime Architectural Shingles. Heavier than standard architectural shingles, these are a thick and durable shingle that has very nice shadow lines and coloration. Valleys and eaves, to receive Ice and Water shield. All Roofs are covered with a synthetic roof underlayment instead of inferior felt paper.


Depending on the style and price point of your home, Graf’s own craftsmen install various types of exterior cladding to meet your needs. Color, style, durability, price, maintenance requirements and life expectancy are the things we consider when choosing a siding or cladding product. We use reputable manufacturers who will stand behind their product warranty. We can install anything from James Hardie brand fiber cement plank siding and shakes to Mastic brand vinyl lap siding, depending on selection.


We offer nearly limitless options and combinations of brick and stone veneers. Utilizing our brick suppliers, hundreds of styles and colors can be chosen, along with details in the brick veneer itself such as stacks around windows and doors, quoined corners, water tables and bands around the house, and soldier and rowlock courses to add distinction. In regards to stone, Graf has partnered with Harmony Stone Products LLC who is a distributor of Pinnacle Stone Products(attach link for their website) to provide real natural stone veneer. Although man-made stone veneer is an option that we offer, we do not recommend certain brands of man-made stone veneer products due to lack of quality control during the manufacturing process and long term weather durability and fading. This a problem we have seen first hand, and can make the proper recommendations on product selection so this is not a problem for you.