About Us

Graf Builds you the Best House Per Square Foot

Beware of Builders with a “Lowest Price Per Square Foot” Sales Pitch!

Curtis Graf has worked extensively in the building industry and he knows how marketing-focused, production builders cut corners with so-called “value engineering”. They quote you the most basic, stripped down cost as their base price, then everything costs you extra. Their focus is on giving the perception of value while cutting their costs and presenting incomplete estimates that contain hidden costs.
What does Graf’s Built Smart Construction System do for you?
It starts with your dream, your budget and your expectations.
Graf’s Built Smart™ Construction System includes innovative, proven techniques and quality material standards assure long-term durability and an enduring and attractive appearance which enhances the resale value. You will get the best house per square foot and stay within your budget. Graf provides line-by-line, detailed and accurate estimates.
Graf cares about every individual customer. Building a home is a significant emotional and financial commitment. People are building their dream which is why his highly skilled team builds truly custom homes. The company has high standards and the homes they build have uniqueness and practical, standard features not common with many builders. These features include energy efficient products and installation methods that guarantee the strength and structural integrity while lowering the long term operating cost to live in the home.
Based in Butler County, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh, Curtis Graf ‘s expertise is in new home building, specialized construction and renovation projects. The Graf team works primarily in Cranberry Twp. PA, Mars, Butler County and the Northern Allegheny County suburbs of Pennsylvania.
In addition to new home construction the company does interior and exterior special projects for both residential or light commercial clients. Graf’s Special Projects team builds decks, patios, home additions, custom built-ins for home or office, garages, and office or multipurpose buildings. Graf’s craftsmen provide expert interior renovations.